17U Nike Peach Jam: Day 1

eybl1North Augusta–It’s hard to ignore the talent that lies on the Nike circuit at the 17u level. There was plenty of talent on display with many guys standing out on Day 1. Here’s a list of the top performers from the highest level.

2021 PG Nolan Hickman of Seattle Rotary (WA) – 27 points, five assist and three rebounds.

2021 SF Paolo Banchero of Seattle Rotary (WA) – 28 points, 10 rebounds and three steals.

2020 PG Cade Cunningham of Texas Titans (TX) – 31 points, seven rebounds and six assist.

2020 PF Greg Brown III of Texas Titans (TX) – 21 points, 10 rebounds and two blocks.

2020 SF Jalen Johnson of Phenom University (WI) – 21 points, nine rebounds, three assist and two steals.

2021 SF Patrick Baldwin JR of Phenom University (WI) – 20 points and six rebounds.

2020 SF Jamir Watkins of Team Final (PA) – 20 points and nine rebounds.

2020 SG Luke Kasubke of Mokan Elite (KS) – 28 points, seven rebounds and two assist.

2021 PG Kennedy Chandler of Mokan Elite (KS) – 17 points, eight assist, six steals and two blocks.

2020 PF N’Faly Dante of Mokan Elite (KS) – 19 points and 12 rebounds.

2021 SG Langston Love of Houston Hoops (TX) – 27 points and three rebounds.

2020 SG Tramon Mark of Houston Hoops (TX) – 21 points and five rebounds.

2020 PF Richie Springs of PSA Cardinals (NY) – 17 points and 12 rebounds.

2020 PG Hassan Diarra of PSA Cardinals (NY) – 25 points and five rebounds.

2021 SG Terrence Clarke of Expressions Elite (MA) – 21 points, three assist and two rebounds.

2020 PG Sharife Cooper of AOT (GA) – 28 points, nine assist, eight rebounds.

2020 SF Brandon Boston Jr of AOT (GA) – 26 points and nine rebounds.

2020 PG Davonte Davis of Woodz Elite (AR) – 25 points, seven rebounds and three steals.

2020 SF Scottie Barnes of Nightrydas Elite (FL) – 28 points, six rebounds and five assist.

2020 PF Isaiah Todd of Nightrydas Elite (FL) – 22 points, 10 rebounds and three blocks.

2020 PG Marcus Watson Jr of Mac Irvin Fire (IL) – 25 points, seven rebounds, seven assist and two steals.

2021 SG Brandon Weston of Mac Irvin Fire (IL) – 20 points, six rebounds and three assist.

2020 SG Adam Miller of Mac Irvin Fire (IL) – 27 points and four rebounds.

2020 SF Earl Timberlake Jr of Team Durant (MD) – 24 points and 11 rebounds.

2020 PG Mark Sears of Alabama Fusion (AL) – 21 points, five rebounds and two assist.

2020 SG Cameron Thomas of Boo Williams (VA) – 27 points, five rebounds and two assist.

2020 C Mark Williams of Boo Williams (VA) – 17 points, 10 rebounds, three assist and two blocks.

2021 SG Aminu Mohammed of Boo Williams (VA) – 22 points, 13 rebounds and four assist.

2020 PF Lance Ware of Renaissance (NY) – 21 points, seven rebounds, three blocks and two steals.

2020 PG Khalen Robinson of Pro Skills (TX) – 22 points, six rebounds and two assist.

2020 PF Terrence Williams of Team Takeover (DC) – 26 points, six rebounds and three assist.

2020 C Hunter Dickinson of Team Takeover (DC) – 16 points, 11 rebounds, five assist and four blocks.

2020 PG Nijel Pack of Indy Heat (IN) – 13 points, 10 assist, four rebounds and three steals.

2020 PF John Hugley of Indy Heat (IN) – 16 points and nine rebounds.

2020 SG Josh Christopher of Vegas Elite – 29 points, three assist and three rebounds.

Players to watch:

2020 SG Luke Kasubke plays with a lot of energy, great around the perimeter but tough enough to get into the lane and create or draw the foul.

2021 PG Kennedy Chandler is a jumpshot away from being an elite talent. He’s very solid defensively and strong downhill. Can create shots at the rim for himself and his teammates.

2020 PF Richie Springs is a rebounding machine. Albeit undersized but a very hardworker in the post that can put his back to the basket and go. Very underrated.

2020 PG DJ Steward didn’t have the best opening day but can stretch the floor, attack and a good rebounder for his size.

2021 PG Nolan Hickman has all the goods at the one. Really like him defensively, but a true competitor on both ends that can score efficiently through contact.

2020 SG Jalen Green can knock down shots with the best of them. Very good in transition but at his best in the half court where he always seems to find his way to the rim.