Nike Peach Jam: Playoffs

Team Griffin during a timeout against Boo Williams. Photo credits to ScoopmanTV

North Augusta—The gyms were jam packed, the energy was infectious and there were a lot of competition at Riverview Park Activities Center as the playoffs kicked off.

Here are some of the top performers regardless of class from yesterday games.

2021 PG Devin Askew of Team WhyNot (CA) 17U – 26 points and two blocks/15 points, eight rebounds and six assist.

2020 PG Addison Patterson of Team WhyNot (CA) 17U – 26 points and two blocks.

2020 SG Jalen Green of Team WhyNot (CA) 17U – 17 points, six rebounds and six assist/27 points and four rebounds.

2020 SF Greg Brown III of Texas Titans (TX) 17U – 18 points, 12 rebounds and four blocks.

2020 SG Rondel Walker of Texas Titans (TX) 17U – 26 points and three rebounds.

2021 PG Zion Harmon of Boo Williams (VA) 17U – 26 points, 11 assist, three rebounds and three steals.

2020 SG Cameron Thomas of Boo Williams (VA) 17U – 26 points, four rebounds and two steals/22 points and three assist.

2020 center Mark Williams of Boo Williams (VA) 17U – 23 points, nine rebounds and two blocks/21 points and 15 rebounds.

2020 PG Sharife Cooper of AOT (GA) 17U – 31 points and 11 assist.

2020 SG BJ Boston of AOT (GA) 17U – 32 points, eight rebounds and three assist.

2020 SF Kenneth Lofton Jr of Houston Hoops (TX) 17U – 13 points and 12 rebounds.

2020 SG Tramon Mark of Houston Hoops (TX) 17U – 12 points, 10 rebounds and six assist.

2021 SG Langston Love of Houston Hoops (TX) 17U – 27 points, 10 rebounds and four assist/20 points and five rebounds.

2020 PG Jaden Ivey of Indy Heat (IN) 17U – 19 points, eight rebounds and seven assist.

2020 PG Nijel Pack of Indy Heat (IN) 17U – 25 points, eight assist and four rebounds.

2021 PG Kennedy Chandler of Mokan Elite (KS) 17U – 20 points, seven assist and three rebounds.

2020 PF N’Faly Dante of Mokan Elite (KS) 17U – 18 points and 11 rebounds.

2020 SG Nimari Burnett of Team WhyNot (CA) 17U – 13 points, eight rebounds and seven assist.

2022 PG Jayden Epps of Boo Williams (VA) 16U – 20 points and six assist.

2021 SF David Jones of Boo Williams (VA) 16U – 26 points, 11 rebounds and three steals.

2021 SG Trey Alexander of Team Griffin (OK) 16U – 28 points, five assist, five rebounds and two blocks.

2022 PG Richard Isaacs Jr of Vegas Elite (NV) 16U – 23 points, five assist and four rebounds/29 points, five assist and three rebounds.

2022 center Max Allen Jr of Vegas Elite (NV) 16U – 14 points, 10 rebounds and three assist/18 points and nine rebounds.

2021 PG Rahsool Diggins of Team Final (PA) 16U – 16 points, six assist, five rebounds and two steals.

2022 PF Jalen Duren of Team Final (PA) 16U – 15 points, nine rebounds and six blocks.

2022 PG Zion Cruz of PSA Cardinals (NY) 16U – 20 points and two assist.

2021 SF Jack Molloy of PSA Cardinals (NY) 16U – 14 points, five rebounds and five assist.

2021 SF Dontrez Styles of Team CP3 (NC) 16U – 23 points and eight rebounds.

2021 PG Breon Pass of Team CP3 (NC) 16U – 25 points and two steals.

2021 SG Jakai Robinson of Team Takeover (DC) 16U – 21 points and six rebounds.

2021 SF KJ Adams of Team Griffin (OK) 16U – 23 points and eight rebounds.

2022 SG Judah Mintz of Team Takeover (DC) 15U – 28 points and six rebounds.

2022 PG Jean Montero of Nightrydas Elite (FL) 15U – 21 points, three rebounds and two steals/22 points, five rebounds, five assist and three steals.

2022 PF Greg Glenn of Nightrydas Elite (FL) 15U – 19 points, six rebounds and three assist/18 points, six rebounds and five assist.

2022 PF Dillon Mitchell of E1T1 United (FL) 15U – 15 points and 14 rebounds.

2022 SG Brice Sensabaugh of E1T1 United (FL) 15U – 20 points and five rebounds.

2022 SG Anthony Brown of E1T1 United (FL) 15U – 19 points, six rebounds, five assist and two steals.

2022 SG Emanuel Sharp of E1T1 United (FL) 15U – 42 points, three rebounds, three assist and two steals/31 points and six rebounds.

2022 SF Emoni Bates of Bates Fundamentals (MI) 15U – 44 points, nine rebounds, three assist and three blocks.

2022 SF Brandon Miller of Brad Beal Elite (MO) 15U – 24 points, eight rebounds, three assist and two steals.

Brad Beal Elite (MO) 15U squad huddling up late in a tie game. Photo credits to ScoopmanTV

2022 PG William Richardson of PSA Cardinals (NY) 15U – 20 points and six assist

2022 SG Jameel Brown of Team Final (PA) 15U – 23 points, four rebounds and three steals.

2022 PG Nick Smith of Brad Beal Elite (MO) 15U – 16 points, six rebounds, three assist and two steals.

Scouting notes:

2021 SG Trey Alexander of Team Griffin (OK) 16U: Has great size, fairly thin but nice frame. Good jump shooting mechanics, aggressive on the drive and his long arms allows him to shoot over the top of length.

2021 SF David Jones of Boo Williams (VA) 16U: Good instincts on the drive. At his best in transition with the ball in his hands. Point forward potential and a ball handling camp away from being a high major player. Can finish through contact with either hand.

David Jones shooting around before the playoff game with Team Griffin. Photo credits to ScoopmanTV

2022 SG Nick Smith of Brad Beal Elite (MO) 15U: Fiery competitor. Very energetic defensively. Athletic and loves to drive and draw fouls. Very aggressive slasher.

2023 SG Corey Floyd Jr of Team Final (PA) 15U: Elite athleticism. Nice frame for his age. Quick off the dribble and a good finisher at the rim.

2023 PG Jaden Arline of Team Final (PA) 15U: Nice jump shooter. Shoots with a lot of confidence and has a nice release. Plays with a lot of energy on both ends and a solid defender.

2022 PG Jayden Epps of Boo Williams (VA) 16U: Was very good knocking down corner threes, even stepped in the mid range to knock down shots and finished around the rim.

Program watching:

Team Griffin vs Boo Williams (16U): Wake Forest, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Oral Roberts, UCLA, Temple, Virginia, SMU, Texas A&M, Manhattan, UNLV, Tulsa, Baylor, TCU, Texas, Arkansas, Old Dominion, Florida State, Auburn, Loyola-Chicago, Vermont, UConn, Oregon and Arizona.

Boo Williams during a timeout against Team Griffin. Photo credits to ScoopmanTV

Team Takeover vs Team Durant (16U): Marquette, Villanova, Virginia Tech, St. Joseph, Providence, Michigan, Syracuse, Georgetown, Maryland, Auburn, Penn, Kentucky, Butler, Pittsburgh, Princeton and Penn State.

PSA Cardinals vs Team CP3 (16U): Michigan, Syracuse, Stanford, Virginia Tech, Florida State, SMU, Auburn and Manhattan.

Houston Hoops vs Indy Heat (17U): Northwestern, Baylor, Purdue, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Butler, Nebraska and Western Kentucky.

Team Final vs Brad Beal Elite (15U): Auburn (Bruce Pearl and assistant), Northwestern, Georgetown, Virginia, Purdue, Sam Houston State, Oklahoma State (Mike Boynton), Marquette, Penn, La Salle, Wichita State and Mount Saint Mary’s.

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Dereck Lively clinching the game for Team Final (PA)

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PSA Cardinals vs Team Takeover (16U): Notre Dame, Marquette, Xavier, Auburn, Michigan, Stanford, Georgia, Old Dominion, La Salle, Louisville, Virginia, Penn, Georgetown, Mount Saint Mary, Temple, Tennessee, UConn, Miami, Syracuse, Oregon, Maryland, Kentucky, Virginia Tech, Butler and Villanova.

Team Griffin vs Vegas Elite (16U): Arkansas, Arizona, SMU, Texas, Texas A&M, Oregon, Baylor, Missouri, California, Clemson and Wake Forest.

Davion Bradford shooting a free throw during the semifinal matchup with Houston Hoops. Photo credits to ScoopmanTV

Mokan Elite vs Houston Hoops (17U): Kentucky (entire staff), USC, Arizona, Memphis (Penny Hardaway and Mike Miller), Notre Dame (Mike Brey and assistant), Arkansas, Tennessee (Kim English), Auburn (Bruce Pearl), Syracuse, Ohio State, Northwestern, Florida State, UCLA, Georgia, Texas A&M, Ole Miss, Missouri, Oregon, Penn, Kansas (Curtis Townsend), Georgetown (Patrick Ewing and assistant), California, Baylor (Jerome Tang), Maryland, Oregon, Louisville, Georgia, UCLA, Illinois (entire staff), Louisiana-Lafayette, TCU, Villanova, Texas, Michigan (Juwan Howard and assistant), Kansas State (Bruce Weber), UCLA (Mick Cronin and assistant), Oregon (Dana Altman and assistant) and Texas State.

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