Nike Peach Jam: Finale

Photo credits to ScoopmanTV

The Nike Peach Jam concluded with three different programs winning a championship.

Mokan Elite (KS) won the 17U championship, Team Griffin (OK) won the 16U championship and Nightrydas Elite (FL) won the 15U championship.

Here are the top performers from those Sunday championship games.

2020 PF N’Faly Dante of Mokan Elite (KS) 17U – 22 points and 18 rebounds.

2021 PG Kennedy Chandler of Mokan Elite (KS) 17U – 21 points, nine assist and six rebounds.

2020 SG Jalen Green of Team WhyNot (CA) 17U – 27 points.

2020 SG Nimari Burnett of Team WhyNot (CA) 17U – 22 points and 10 rebounds.

2021 SG Jakai Robinson of Team Takeover (DC) 16U – 28 points and five rebounds.

2021 SF KJ Adams of Team Griffin (OK) 16U – 23 points, five rebounds and five assist.

2023 PG Jameel Brown of Team Final (PA) 15U –  22 points, four rebounds, three assist and three steals.

2022 PG Jean Montero of Nightrydas Elite (FL) 15U – 26 points, four assist and three rebounds.

2022 PF Gregg Glenn of Nightrydas Elite (FL) 15U – 10 points, 10 rebounds and five assist.

2022 PG Ja’Cari Henderson of Nightrydas Elite (FL) 15U – 18 points and three steals.

Final thoughts:

2020 PG Dajuan Harris: Harris is a winner. He does everything a guard should and more. He’s a terrific defender, great finisher around the rim, elite passer and patient on offense. His boxscores will never scream elite to you but when you watch him, you’ll know it.

2021 SF KJ Adams: Adams is a guy that I watched close. He’s very proficient inside 15 and that seems to be his comfort zone. Does really well drawing contact and most comfortable attacking on the drive. If he’s able to develop a jump shot, he can be a high major darling come next summer.

2020 SG Jalen Green: Has everything you want in a 6-foot-6 frame at the two guard spot. Can really shoot the basketball, very proficient on the drive and just all-around a bucket.

2021 PG Kennedy Chandler: Chandler is going to be a great addition to any program. The 6-foot point guard makes his mark on defense and is a very gifted passer. He finishes around the rim well for his size and executes the pick-and-roll at a high rate.

2022 SG Jean Montero: As soon as he develops a consistent outside shot Montero will start getting those high major offers. A lot of coaches were in the gym to see him finishing around the rim and hitting the mid-range shot. Still young, so plenty of time to get his outside shot going.

2021 SG Jakai Robinson: Impressed with the toughness and poise of Robinson. Decent shot maker from the outside that can slash and make plays at the rim. Made the game tying basket on a quick adjustment in the air to send it off the glass and in.

Program watching:

15U championship (Nightrydas Elite/Team Final): Michigan (Juwan Howard), Oklahoma State (Mike Boynton), Oklahoma (Lon Kruger), Wake Forest (Danny Manning), Georgetown (Patrick Ewing) Kentucky, UCLA, Cal, USC, Villanova, Texas, Florida State, St. Joseph’s.

16U championship (Team Griffin/Team Takeover): Wake Forest (Danny Manning), Georgetown (Patrick Ewing), UConn (Dan Hurley), Oklahoma (Lon Kruger), Oklahoma State (Mike Boynton), Villanova, Texas, Northwestern, Michigan, Miami, UCLA, Arizona, Florida State, Baylor, St. Joseph’s, Ole Miss and Kansas.

17U championship (Mokan Elite/Team WhyNot): Memphis (Penny Hardaway), Michigan (Juwan Howard), UCLA (Mick Cronin), Georgetown (Patrick Ewing), UConn (Dan Hurley), Loyola, Kentucky, Villanova, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, Arizona and Bradley.

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