Rashad Weekly-McDaniels talks Top 3

Photo credits to Prep Hoops

ESPN three-star point guard Rashad Weekly-McDaniels has trimmed his list to three schools and will likely make a decision following his visits.Weekly-McDaniels is down to UW-Milwaukee, Central Michigan and Western Illinois.


“All three schools told me that they like how I pass the ball. I’m a pass-first guard and that’s what I like to do,” he said. “I like to get my teammates involved first and then I can get mines after. That’s the type of kid I am.”

His final list consist of schools that were on him the hardest and schools that prioritized him. Weekly-McDaniels is a student-athlete that is all about loyalty. He didn’t want to wait out for the big programs to get involved. He wants to go somewhere that will allow him to contribute right away and that values him as a player.

These three schools were able to keep it real with him, value him as a player and make him feel like a top priority throughout the live periods.

Here’s what he said about his top three:

UW-Milwaukee: They really been showing me attention. As far as coming to my high school games, coming to the school and just recruiting me hard, I should say. I talk to every coach on the coaching staff and it’s just a great school. The head coach [Pat] Baldwin has been at every single AAU game during the live period. So, that shows me that I’m one of their top priorities.

Central Michigan: The coach that was recruiting me, coach G [Kyle Gerdeman], he was on the staff there, and he was recruiting me during the first live period. We started a good relationship, as far as, talking everyday and getting to know each other. But, he ended up getting a head coaching job at a D2 school, and at that moment, I felt like Central Michigan was out the window, but he told me that it was a good school to go to, and he said that I should start a new relationship with the other assistant coach DJ [Mocini]. So, every since coach G left, I’ve been talking to coach DJ and they been at every game from the NCAA camp, to everywhere, him and coach [Keno] Davis. They been calling me everyday, checking on me, checking on the family, everything.

Western Illinois: Western Illinois was my first offer on the table. My sophomore year to my junior year, I took a visit to Western and I went to a football game and tailgated. They were going to offer me over the phone but wanted to do it in person. I love the campus, I love the team and if I wanted to stay close to home, that’s where I would be. But, that visit, I went down there looking for a scholarship and when I got in the room with coach [Billy] Wright, he was telling me that he loved my game, and that he had been watching me for a minute now. He was telling me that he wishes I could play right away. So after I got that offer, like I told coach Wright and the rest of the staff, you guys are always going to be one of my top choices because you guys were the first school to take a chance on me.

Right now, he has officials planned to all three schools in his top three. He will visit Central Michigan starting on August 28th, Western Illinois starting September 14th and then UW-Milwaukee starting September 20th.

Shortly after, he will have a few weeks to deliver the news to coaches as he plans to commemorate his grandfather by announcing on the day of his passing.

“Most likely, I will commit on October 2nd. October 2nd is the day my grandpa passed away,” he explained. “It’s definitely going to be an emotional day for me. So I was thinking about doing October 2nd, or I’m going to try to commit in December.”

“But right now, I’m thinking October 2nd because I want to get it over with so I can focus on my high school season.”

He’s only expecting one thing during these visits and it’s one of the most simple things a coach can provide to a prospective student-athlete.

“All I ask for from a school is to be real with me,” he said. “That’s all I ask for. Just to be real with me and let me know what you guys are going to use me for.”