2023 Prospect talks first D1 offer

ECxKcrXXUAYDUVPThe Master’s Academy (FL) freshman point guard Eduardo Placer has yet to play high school basketball but that didn’t bother North Florida.

North Florida identified his talent early and gave the 2023 guard his first Division I offer.

“I was very surprised,” he said of receiving the offer. “Most people these days don’t receive offers this early.”

Placer is a very good scorer at the lead guard position with the ability to make his teammates better also. Heading into his first season, he’s hoping he can improve on his game by working on a few things.

“I want to be more efficient with my shots and get better off the dribble,” he said. “And working on my body to get stronger.”

Many student-athletes grow up with a set of teams or a team that they’d consider if they were in this situation. Placer is different. He isn’t chasing a certain school, he’s chasing relationships.

“To be honest, I just want to go to the college that is interested in me the most and help them win,” he explained.