Alec Oglesby committing soon

Photo credits to HoopSeen

The recruitment of 2020 wing Alec Oglesby is coming to a close. The 6-5 wing has started to schedule official visits and plans to commit soon.

“I plan on committing, probably end of September, early October,” he said. “I’ve already narrowed it down to a few schools, so I’m hoping to get a feel for these schools that I’m taking officials to and plan on committing after that.”

Oglesby will officially visit San Jose State starting September 5th, Milwaukee starting September 12th and Cleveland State starting September 16th.

“I’m hoping to see a lot of love from the coaches, what they do, how they practice, their player development,” he explained. “Also looking at the academics, the facilities–just basically get an all around feel for how school life is, how the players interact with each other, stuff like that.”

At The Moment

Oglesby is looking for the right fit and feel. He has other programs such as Wake Forest, Yale, DePaul, Old Dominion, North Florida, Wofford, High Point and Cincinnati, among others, looking at him currently.

To get him to commit, it’ll be all about who wants him the most and who will give him the opportunity to be in the rotation to make an impact right away.