DePaul offers 2022 guard

d08scz1xgaydkmbHuntington Prep (WV) shooting guard Kok Yat is one of the hottest sophomore in the country.

The 2022 6-7 guard has early offers from the likes of Auburn, Saint Louis, Miami (FL), Cal State Bakersfield, New Mexico, Arizona State and Boston College.

“I think coaches like that I play on both sides of the ball and I block shots pretty well,” he said. “I think I can do a little of everything; dribble, shoot, rebound, pass and play defense.”

DePaul also recently reached out to extend an offer, which was something Yat really appreciated.

“When I got the DePaul offer I was surprised because I like that program,” Yat confessed.

It’s too early to tell what programs could be a good fit for Yat, but he’s confident that he, “could fit in any system.” At 6-7, with his versatility and skill set, I tend to agree.