Barba being patient with the process

Photo credits to ISA Academy

2021 shooting guard Andy Barba has a lot of decisions to make in the next year or so. Not just what college he wants to attend but also in what year he plans on entering.

“I’m taking it very slow and do not want to rush a decision at all. It is a possibility that I reclassify back into the 2020 class if I find a school that is the right situation but as of now I’m staying in 2021,” he said. “It depends, school to school, but mostly will depend on scholarships opening up after their seasons wrap up.”

Right now, Texas A&M, Tulane, Belmont, Yale, Loyola-Chicago, Missouri State and Washington State are recruiting him the hardest.

He already visited Rutgers, Missouri State and Loyola-Chicago before the season and has been to Dayton, Fordham and Tulane during the season.

He’s been bouncing around, taking visits, just in case the right opportunity arises and he lands himself in college with the 2020 class.

“The right situation for me would be a school where I really enjoy the basketball program, school, and the area where the school is located,” Barba explained. “I want the school to be invested in their basketball program and to have support around it. I also want to go to a school with a coach that I trust and that I think will be there for my 4 years there.”

While Dayton and Rutgers haven’t been in contact as much as other programs, they are still options for the talented two guard. They all could use his ability to space the floor and that’s why half a dozen schools are recruiting him hard trying to get him on campus.

“[Coaches] definitely like my ability to shoot it for my size,” he said. “And my ability to guard multiple positions.”