Nixon open to all schools

Daniel Nixon’s transformation from unknown forward to highly sought after wing can be credited to a lot of hard work.

Nixon’s gym regime rivals just about any player in his class. In almost a full year, he’s upped his offer list to include Stony Brook, Bryant, Temple, Marist, Old Dominion, La Salle and Penn State. Programs like Georgia, Seton Hall, Clemson, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Wake Forest, Virginia and more have started to show strong interest and will likely be following him this summer on the Nike Circuit.

His versatility, being able to play both the two and three, stands out the most for college coaches but it’s his scoring that has propel him to new heights in the recruiting world.

“Coaches say that potentially I can be a huge threat and also that I’m a really good scorer. I can score the ball on any level, at a high level,” he said. “So, that’s the best thing about my game is the scoring part and in general I have an all around game. So, I could potentially be really good for that.”

Temple, who has been in the gym for him several times over the past couple of months, recently invited him to campus for an unofficial visit to watch their game against Villanova.

“The visit was really good,” he said. “I got to see how they played and I liked it a lot. I know a couple guys on the team and it was just really good. The visit was outstanding.”

He spent the day there learning as much as he could about the program and left impressed with the pedigree on the coaching staff and the school as a whole.

“Temple is just really nice. I really like the coaching staff a lot,” Nixon explained. “Aaron McKie does a really good job with his guys. He has a lot of experience because he’s been in the league for 13 years.”

“The assistant coaches have been showing a lot of love. They’re usually at my games during the season and they check up on me a lot.”

Following his visit to Temple, Nixon took a trip to North Carolina State to watch them play against Wake Forest, and then took an unofficial visit to Wake Forest the following day.

“I just loved the facilities and everything they had there,” he said. “It was a really good visit. I had a fun time. The coaches are really nice and gave me some good words…definitely saying Wake Forest is really good and I’m glad I stopped there.”

Nixon’s visit tour isn’t quite over as of yet. Nixon plans on taking some official visits to Temple and Penn State in the near future, but those dates haven’t been planned as of yet.

“I just mostly want to see how I connect with the coaching staff,” he said of what he’ll be looking for on his official visits. “I want to see what the campus has to offer academically, seeing what I can contribute and just see the campus vibe and just make sure it’s a good fit.”

Heading into the summer, Nixon has a healthy list of schools that are all treating him like a priority. He’s still wide open and enjoying the process.

“I’m open to every school right now,” he said. “I’m not limiting myself. That’s not where my head is at right now.”

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