Detroit forward Alonde LeGrand in the transfer portal

Photo credits to Detroit Mercy Athletics

Detroit sophomore forward Alonde LeGrand entered the transfer portal and has started to look for another home.

The 6-7 forward from Harlem, NY, appeared in 29 games for Detroit after transferring in from Fairfield. He averaged 1.5 points, 2.5 rebounds and 1.2 assist in his lone season at Detroit.

“I just wanted to look elsewhere and find a better fit,” LeGrand explained. “I’m looking to find a program where I can make more of an impact and play with more freedom.”

Since entering his name in the portal, SIU-Edwardsville and UIW (Incarnate Word) reached out to express interest. He still plans on reaching out to more programs to gauge their interest in hopes to find another landing spot.

“Definitely a good team culture that emphasizes player development and trying to help get players better,” he said of what he’s looking for. “As well as somewhere I can have the ball in my hands more to make plays for my teammates and myself.”

A speedy decision isn’t something that is going to occur in this situation. Not because LeGrand plans on taking his time, but because of the corona virus and it’s impact on the sports world.

“It’s probably going to be a while,” he said of when he’ll decide. “Especially with a lot of campuses closing due to the virus. But, hopefully I can find a home soon.”

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