Donovan Williams down to three schools

Photo credits to Lincoln Journal Star

ESPN four-star shooting guard Donovan Williams is down to three schools and plans to decide this month.

Williams will be choosing between Kansas State, Oklahoma State and Texas, he announced, and will decide on April 13th at 6pm.

Here’s what he told ScoopmanTV about his top three in March:

Kansas State: I’m trying to go there, break records, and be loved in that area for the rest of my life. That’s one of those schools, and that’s why I really like them because they show the most love out of any school in terms of sending letters, messaging, calling me, and they came out to my games the most.

Oklahoma State: I love coach [Mike] Boynton. He’s probably the coolest coach I’ve met…probably ever. He’s a player’s coach and I really like that he’s an African American coach.”

Texas: Austin is a place where you go to enjoy life and grow. Not just as a player but as a man. I also really love coach [Shaka] Smart. We have a great relationship. We talk about every other day, and if not, I’m talking to one of his assistants every day.

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