Silas Sunday receives first offer from Big 12 program

7-footer Silas Sunday added his first scholarship offer this weekend from a Big 12 program that won their conference recently.

Kansas State reached out to Our Saviour Lutheran (NY) head coach Peter Wehye and offered the 2022 center a scholarship.

Sunday’s initial reaction was pure excitement that then led to him calming down and coming back to himself before hitting a realization.

“It didn’t feel real to get my first offer,” he said. “Especially with it being my first from a big school.”

Sunday is a very physical big that overpowers a lot of players. He has good footwork, improved hands and has continued to slim down and work on his body.

Sunday could be a potential dominant big man in the future, and that’s why he keeps working despite getting his first offer.

“I kept telling myself I need to do more,” he said. “And, put more work in now.”

He’s still in the research phase for Kansas State. He doesn’t know too much about the program, but he’s learning and looking forward to building the relationship come June.

“I know they are in the Big 12 with a good and competitive program,” Sunday explained. “I know that Michael Beasley went there.”

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