Over 40+ programs reaching out to 2022 Jared Turner

Gonzaga College (DC) wing Jared Turner has upwards of 40 programs contacting him at the moment with high major trickling in as of late, despite his injury mid season.

Notre Dame, LSU, Florida State, George Washington, St. Joseph’s, Mount St. Mary’s, VCU, Holy Cross, High Point, Southern Utah, DePaul, Vanderbilt, Marist, St. John’s and La Salle, among others, are currently recruiting him right now.

His resurgence, despite his injury, can be credited to his father, who is also his coach at Gonzaga. Turner said that, “he’s a really good advocate for a lot of young players and he makes sure to get out a lot of film, and that’s what he’s been doing for me.”

Since then, George Washington talks to him everyday, VCU called a few days ago, Vanderbilt plans on offering soon, while DePaul hit Turner with the “surprise” scholarship.

“The head coach [Dave Leitao] called me and talked to me,” Turner explained. “[Leitao] said that he liked parts of my game and that I would really fit in their system because everybody needs a shooter.”

“He seen me and he likes how I have been growing a lot and still have more room to grow. So he just likes the way I play and that I have a competitive edge.”

To keep up the recruiting momentum and ease himself back from injury, Turner has been focusing a lot on his both sides of the ball.

“I’m working on a lot of shooting off the dribble because I’d say my most valuable asset is my shooting,” Turner said. “But, I’ve got to work on my ball handling a lot more to really develop my shot off the dribble. I think that will help a lot.”

“Also, I’m trying to get my defense better, my footwork, and also getting pass people, being able to beat people off two or three moves.”

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