2023 point guard London Johnson well improved

Photo credits to Phenom Hoop Report

6-foot-3 point guard London Johnson playing with Team Curry is certainly a player worth watching in the class of 2023.

After a long hiatus from the sport, due to the Covid-19 shutdowns, the young talent finished a game with 30 points, six assist, five rebounds and four steal when playing with Game Elite.

He’s currently got Florida State, Virginia Tech, Georgia, George Washington and Rutgers tracking him with plenty more on the way.

“[Coaches like] my play making and ability to see the floor, and make the right decision on the court,” Johnson explained. “While also making my teammates better and being able to get a bucket when we need it.”

Throughout the pandemic, Johnson had his foot on the pedal, in terms of improving. He’s gotten a lot better, and he’s still in the lab despite seeing big time programs on him early.

“I’ve been training two or three times a day,” he said. “In the gym, and in the weight room.”

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