High major programs all over point guard Ben Shtolzberg

Photo credits to Scorebook Live California

2022 Southern California (CA) point guard Ben Shtolzberg has become one of the hottest recruits on the West as of late, with four scholarship offers in the past couple of weeks.

Nebraska, Boston College, UC Santa Barbara and Pepperdine have offered him so far with interest coming from the likes of Arizona, North Carolina, California, Ohio State, Creighton, Stanford, Vanderbilt, Arizona State, Washington, Utah, St. Mary’s, USC and San Diego State, among others.

Boston College, who was one of the most recent programs to offer him, has been around for a while and that relationship has gotten off to a great start. They were recruiting a teammate of his, and now are showing heavy interest in him as well.

“I have been in constant contact with the coaching staff through various texts and phone calls,” he said. “The more I learn about their program and the culture, the more I appreciate the hard work those coaches put into the basketball program to make not only a competitive team but also a truly high level player development program.”

Nebraska was also one of the more recent programs to offer and they have started to develop a good relationship virtually.

“We stay very connected through phone calls and zoom meetings,” Shtolzberg explained. “There was an immediate connection between coach [Fred] Hoiberg. I was impressed with their facility and feel that my game fits their style of play. Coach Hoiberg is incredibly connected and can be a great mentor for me as I work towards achieving my aspirations of making the NBA.”

Before COVID, Shtolzberg said that he had in-person visits to Pepperdine, Standord, North Carolina and Davidson. Since he is unable to make any more in-person visits until further notice, he has been on Zoom a lot with coaching staffs to get a better understanding of what they are about.

“Going to these colleges was such a memorable experience and definitely something I would want to continue next year,” he said. “During these COVID circumstances, I have had many zooms with different colleges where we are able to get a face to face conversation about their programs and the things they could offer.”

As far as his game goes, Shtolzberg is starting to separate himself as one of the better floor generals in his class. A lot of colleges like his vision and what he can bring to the table as a lead guard.

“Most of the colleges recruiting me see me as a high level point guard with the ability to score on all three levels,” he said. “Also, someone with an exceptional work ethic and natural leadership abilities.”

“While I still have many hours until I hit 10,000 hours, I want to give a shout out to Dashletics (Dash Lavelle) for having invested many hours teaching me the skills and how to play the game the right way since grade 7.”

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