Bronx wing Aguibou Balde discusses recruitment

Bronx, New York, wing Aguibou Balde recently announced that he was going to reclassify into the class of 2022.

He also recently added an offer from Monmouth and should expect more programs to get involved after his recent decision to attend prep school after this season. It was a decision that felt the best and one that was always in the plans.

“It was something that we were planning for next year already,” Balde explained. “We decided to move on it earlier due to the fact we don’t see a season likely happening this year.”

So far, for the coaches that have been able to see Balde, they’ve been impressed with his size and what he’s able to do with the basketball.

“I think most coaches like my size and my ability to shoot the 3 at my size,” he said.

With the season up in the air, Balde is controlling what he can and not worried about anything else. He understands the importance of patience, and has stayed in the gym working on his game getting ready for the opportunity when it comes.

“I would like to continue to make my ball handling a bit tighter,” he said of what he’s working on. “It is one of the things I am focusing on a lot along with everything else.”

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