Jacoby Lacey working towards more opportunities

Dougherty Valley (CA) guard Jacoby Lacey worked on his game all summer and throughout the pandemic. He’s now hoping he can show that off to college coaches, as a few are already interested and more are starting to inquire.

“I think coaches like my versatility the most,” he said. “I can guard the 1 through 4. I am a combo guard and I have good passing ability, good handle, and a good jumper. These are all thing I continue to work on day in and day out to improve.”

He’s already hearing from Division II programs, and would consider either Division I or III if the opportunities arise. But right now, he’s focused on the one thing he can control: his game.

And for the coaches that are looking for a guard in 2021, Lacey’s message to you is simple.

“I want coaches to know that I am not only a versatile player that could be that guy on offense or defense any give night, but I am a team player who loves the game and will do whatever it takes to win,” Lacey explained. “Also, I have a 3.6 cumulative GPA so I am not a liability in the classroom.”

“Lastly, I love to work, I grind everyday. So any film they’re seeing right now is just a glimpse of what I have to show.”

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