Piyush Aneja ready for the next step at BFL Prep (WA)

On June 3rd, BFL Prep Academy (WA) announced that Piyush Aneja would soon be joining their National Team, giving them instant stability at the point guard position.

He most recently played at Bella Vista Prep (AZ) before leaving to attend Southern California Institute (CA). But none of the previous programs offered him what BFL Prep can, on-and-off the floor, he says.

“I’ve been bouncing around all over the place. I felt like I lost stability,” he said. “I was looking for a place to call home and BFL felt exactly like that.”

BFL Prep in Seattle, Washington, welcomed Duke bound Paolo Banchero and Creighton bound John Christofilis last season, plays a national schedule and will be coached by former player and San Antonio Spur Barry Jones. For Aneja, the opportunity was too good to pass up.

“I fit in really well in Coach Barry’s system, especially with how he plays his guards,” Aneja said. “He runs his team through his guards, so it’s a really good fit for me.”

Fit, the schedule and exposure were all major factors in his decision, but it was more of his belief in Coach Jones and how he thought he could be developed further.

“I’m really looking forward to Coach Barry helping me get better as a player,” he explained. “He’s really upfront with everything and I just think coach can develop me into a true point guard and prepare me for the college level by helping me get my body right and see the game in a different way.”

Aneja also spoke about the freedom on offense that coach Jones gives his players and how that can possibly impact his game moving forward due to how he plays currently.

“Right now, my best attribute is my handle,” he said. “I’m really good creating off the dribble and I can create for my teammates also. I’m a good shooter, I feel like I can score on all three levels and I really excel off the pick-and-roll.”

He will be playing his AAU basketball this summer with the San Francisco Rebels on the Adidas Gauntlet circuit. Colleges from the Mountain West, Big East and West Coast Conference are all showing heavy interest in Aneja.

This will be the first live period for Aneja post-pandemic and it’s something he’s been prepared for all year.

“I’ve been prepared for this moment,” he said. “You don’t get ready, you got to stay ready so I’ve been prepared and I know the work i’ve been putting in will pay off.”

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