Two early offers for 2024 point guard Adonis Holiman

2024 McAlester High School (OK) point guard Adonis Holiman is the third member of the Holiman family that will be recruited at a high level.

Holiman already holds offers from Texas A&M-Commerce and Northern Illinois with programs such as Valparaiso, UT-Arlington, Northern Arizona and plenty more already showing interest.

“I had a college coach come in and say, ‘he just moves different,'” his father said. “He just has to catch up to the mentality and work ethic that his brother has…not that he doesn’t have one but that’s what set [Adante’] apart.”

Holiman described himself as a player that likes to facilitate but can score when needed. His biggest flex is that he gets to guard his two D-I siblings everyday, which should make him a well rounded player in the future.

“Being the younger brother, he has one advantage over his older brother and sister,” his father explained. “He has to guard both of them. He has to grow up guarding an ESPN four-star.”

And that has helped Holiman progress on the defensive end, but he’s also paying attention to the moves and their game, and picking up on things that will help him moving forward.

“Mostly being a leader and working hard,” Holiman said of what he takes away the most from his older siblings. “[Adante’] has a really good work ethic and he does a lot of things well. So I really try to do a lot of what he does and take a lot of things from him.”

Being more consistent and confident is something that he’s naturally working on with him game right now, but he’s also improving a lot of other things as well. He’s already impressing coaches with his current game that continues to evolve.

“I’m good at getting my teammates involved and playing defense,” he said. “Attacking the rim and really just making my teammates better.”

He’s still young and the recruitment process has just started but for the coaches that haven’t gotten involved his message to you is simple.

“I’ll be a leader,” he began. “I’ll really get my teammates involved and be the most coachable player on the floor.”

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